A unique artwork was embedded into each and every one of our eight rooms, as a part of the recent renovations of t'hotel. An artist and print designer, Katarina Stupavska who is the author of the hotel's designs, has brought together the core historical elements of Amsterdam with a particular artistic beauty. With your next visit, you can yourself witness, what qualifies as incontrovertibly beautiful work of art which will welcome you as you step in your hotel room.

All the eight rooms including the Tea salon and reception tell its own story about the Leliegracht canal, Amsterdam and the Dutch masters. Examples are lilies, Rijksmuseum, Vermeer, Delft’s ceramic, Escher and the Golden Age. This historical heritage is mixed with the modern elements and wittiness.

Besides the digital wallpapers there are also printed pillows for sale. A brochure is available at the reception.

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